Little Bardfield

Solar Farm

The Hydes Solar Farm located south of the Bardfield Road, near to Markswood Farm.


Furthermore Hall:   South side - Beehive Distribution.  Storage and Distribution.

Furthermore Hall:   North side - Activate Lubricants.  Storage and Distribution.


Hawkspur Green


Coopers Transport, since 1960:  Transportation of bulk agricultural products and materials.  During the hours of darkness, unfortunately it is the source of significant light pollution which detracts from the rural nature of the surrounding countryside.  HGV’s can cause traffic congestion on the narrow lanes.

Anglia Water Borehole

In 2008, Anglia Water constructed a water borehole just south of “Damions”, on the east side of the lane at Grid Ref: 658319.  It is remotely controlled with no personnel working on the site and there are only occasional traffic movements.  As required, water is extracted and pumped via underground pipeline downhill into the River Pant near to the Langford Bridge in Cook’s Lane.  This adds volume to the water taken from the river by Anglia Water further downstream at their pumping station located at Petches Bridge, east of Great Bardfield, south of Finchingfield, Grid Ref: 699312

Solar Farm

In 2016, an extensive Solar Farm was constructed in a field west of the lane and to the rear of Hill Hall and Salmons Farm, at Grid Ref: 653323.

It is largely unseen except by users of the east-west bridleway and there are only occasional traffic movements but it does not provide employment opportunities for any residents.

During the planning negotiations, the Parish Council achieved an agreement with its operators for the Parish to receive an annual Community Benefit payment for 20 years.

Pheasant Shoots

In season, there are two shoots which operate in Hawkspur Green:

To the west of the lane, by Pauls Farm, Little Bardfield

To the east of the lane, by Pitley Farm, Great Bardfield.

Oxen End

Equestrian Centre