Community Fund


During our representations with the project management of the Planning Application for a Solar Farm in Hawkspur Green, we secured a contractual undertaking for an annual compensatory payment, known as a Community Benefit, for the whole Parish related to the actual electricity power generated each year for 20 years.  This money is applied to assist with projects of value to the residents of the Parish.
It cannot be used by the Parish Council to supplement its Precept funding or to offset any resident’s local Council tax.
The Parish Council is obliged to annually advise the Solar Farm operators how the money is being spent.
Regrettably, a similar arrangement was not secured with the earlier Solar Farm, also within the Parish, which is situated south of the Bardfield Road near Markswood farmhouse between Little Bardfield and Oxen End.
Details of how to apply for a grant and what grants have been awarded are shown.

An application for a grant can be made by clicking on the two items below:

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Community Fund Grants


  • Defibrillator for Hawkspur Green
  • University Student's Course books
  • Uttlesford Food Bank
  • Almshouses - towards the internal modernisation of the five properties.
  • Stop Stansted Expansion
  • Essex Air Ambulance
  • Thaxted Charity Minibus - used by Little Bardfield residents
  • Hundred Parishes
  • Parish Website support


  • Little Bardfield Parish Website design and administration
  • Little Bardfield Cricket Club to replace storm damaged equipment
  • Little Bardfield Parish Barbecue
  • Defibrillator for Little Bardfield Village
  • Hedge cutting not covered by ECC grant
  • Village Sign repaint
  • University student's books. 
  • Stop Stansted Expansion donation
  • Essex Air Ambulance donation
  • Thaxted Charity Minibus donation


  • Little Bardfield Cricket Club to replace essential equipment
  • The Almshouses towards the internal modernisation of the five properties
  • University student's books. 

The Parish Council would welcome suggestions for other projects within the Parish to consider for grants from the Community Fund.