This term describes the amount of money the Parish Council requires to carry out its business.  There are just over 100 properties in the Parish with varying levels of occupation, tax band and the occupier’s personal circumstances, all of which are used to calculate that property’s Council Tax.  The Precept is included in the Annual Council Tax Bill that we all pay to UDC and is remitted to the PC in two instalments to our General Account.

The Parish Council annual precept for 2018/19 was £2900, the same as for 2017/18.

For 2019/20, due to extra expenses, it was increased by £100 to £3000.  With 100 properties, this approximately equates to £30 per property per year and an increase of £1 more than last year.

2001-2019 Little Bardfield Parish Precept History

2001-2019 Uttlesford District Council Tax - Band F History