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District Councillor Reports
Planning Applications - General
Planning Applications - viewed by the Parish Council
2012 Uttlesford Protected Lanes Assessment
Hawkspur Green Lane - Little Sampford Road

District Councillor Reports






Annual Report 2018/19 


Planning Applications - General

Uttlesford District Council are obliged to invite the Parish Council to review all Planning Applications submitted regarding any property within Little Bardfield Parish and to make their opinions known within set time frames.  However, UDC are NOT obliged to take any notice of opinions submitted by the Parish Council and frequently do not.  UDC are the final arbiters on all Planning Application decisions and not the Parish Council.  There is an Appeals Procedure for a Planning Application which UDC refuse.

Uttlesford District Council tend not to challenge retrospective Planning Applications or non-compliance as a cost saving policy.  Their outcome is frequently deemed to be “not expedient to enforce” anticipating that any appeal to the Planning Inspectorate following a refusal would cost UDC money as an Inspector might decide that if the PA had been properly made in the first instance then, on balance, it might have been approved.  In the extreme, this “policy” could lead to deliberate avoidance of submitting a Planning Application before work is carried out.

Planning Applications are coded such as UTT/19/9999/FUL and are explained:

UTT = Uttlesford.  19 = the year.  9999 = sequential number within the year.  FUL = an Application code

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Planning Applications - viewed by the Parish Council

The location of a property in the Little Bardfield summary text of a Planning Application is indicated by an abbreviation:

LB = Little Bardfield, HG = Hawkspur Green, OE = Oxen End.

All Uttlesford Planning Application Codes begin with UTT/



To view a Planning Application yourself on the Uttlesford website:

1. Search the web for   Uttlesford District Council   then select the following steps:

2. Planning & Building Control

3. Comment or search for a Planning Application

4. Viewing Planning Applications

5. Enter the full code starting with the UTT/

6. Select from the documents


2012 Uttlesford Protected Lanes Assessment

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Essex County Council’s Historic Environment Branch was commissioned by Uttlesford District Council in 2012 to undertake an assessment of the Districts existing Protected Lanes using the new Protected Lanes criteria developed for the County (ECC  2009).  The work was undertaken in two stages, comprising an initial stage of desk based assessment followed by field survey. Following the assessment, the scores for each Protected Lane were checked against the threshold score of 14 for determining Protected Lane status. This report summarises the methodology and results of the project.  Three lanes in Little Bardfield Parish featured in the assessment and their codes and scores are indicated on page 21 of the report:

UTTLANE72 Hawkspur Green Road, score 19.  UTTLANE73 Langford Bridge (The Splash), score 8.  UTTLANE74 Bardfield Road, score 11

Only Hawkspur Green Road, with a score of 19, was classified as a Protected Lane. 


Hawkspur Green Lane - Little Sampford Road

Uttlesford District Council Planning Department consider this lane, which is only 2.6 metres wide in places, to be classified as a road suitable for two-way and diversionary main road traffic.  What is your opinion of their judgement?

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