The Parish is traditionally arable farming land.  Over the centuries the ownership of the various fields changed many times from purchase and from family inheritance.  This resulted in many adjacent fields having different ownership.  Each field is referenced by Ordnance Survey as a number and most retain their ancient name assigned by their owners many years ago.  The sales of such fields are referenced by their number and name.  The situation exists today where farms resident outside of the Parish own and farm fields located within the Parish.

Where known, this situation will be addressed under the three separate areas of the Parish.  However, in many instances where one part of the Parish ends and another part starts is frequently not clearly defined.  Further variances have been created over the years by the political divisions changing resulting in land areas being re-assigned to different Districts and Parishes.

One example being in Oxen End where more than one field has Braintree and Uttlesford Districts and Great and Little Bardfield Parish boundaries dividing them.

Old conveyancing records from Hill Hall, Hawkspur Green, show changes for field addresses in the Parish from Great to Little Bardfield and Districts included Dunmow as well as Braintree.

Little Bardfield Village

Farms resident and active in Little Bardfield Village area

Moor Hall.  CM7 4SQ.  Moor Hall Farms.  Arable.  Fertilised duck eggs production.  Horse grazing.


The Hydes.  CM6 3QB.  E.W.Davies Farms.  Arable. Sheep. Pigs.

The Hydes is a LEAF Farm = “Linking Environment and Farming Demonstration”.  The aim is to promote a higher standard of farming.  The annual Open Farm Sunday is in June and is a LEAF promotional event.


Copford Hall.  CM7 4TL.  Thorogood & Son.  Arable.


Pauls Farm.  CM7 4TN.  Arable.  Pheasant shoot.  Horse grazing.  Diverse other activities.


Farms resident outside of Little Bardfield Village but farming land within its area

Brazenhead Farm.  J.C.Hunt & Son.  Arable


Highgates Farm.  JGemmill & Son.  Arable. Cattle. Horses


Farm Houses now only residential

Markswood Farm.  The house was 3 cottages and converted into 1 house many years ago.

Hall Farm.  Was an active farm until the early 1990’s.

Wainsford Farm.  Has been residential for many years.


Hawkspur Green 

Farms resident and active in Hawkspur Green

Gambers Hall Farm:  C. W. Low & Son Ltd  Arable.


Small Farm:  Land farmed by C. W. Low & Sons Ltd.  Arable.


Farms resident outside of Hawkspur Green but farming land within its area

Moor Hall Farms:  Arable.


Pitley Farm:  Arable.  Pheasant shoot east of the lane.


Brazenhead Farm.  J. C. Hunt & Son. Arable.


Highgates Farm.  J. Gemmill & Son. Arable.


Pauls Farm.  CM7 4TN.  Arable.  Pheasant shoot west of the lane.


Farm Houses now only residential

Hill Hall.

Salmons Farm.

Small Farm.  The field is farmed by Gambers Hall Farm



Oxen End 

Farms resident and active in Oxen End

Frenches: Horse livery & equestrian


Cousins Farms Ltd: Arable


Farms resident outside of Oxen End but farming land within its area



Farm Houses now only residential

Coft Hall